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Welcome to Charlbury Cats


The home of lovingly house reared Burmese and Abyssinian kittens.


I am Anne Kirtland and with my long suffering husband Ron and the occasional help from our sons Ben and Dan, we delight in raising friendly, loving and totally socialized people-owning kittens, coming to you at 12 weeks of age.


We ask that they are all indoor babies or ideally with a cat-run attached to your house.  This is due to so many babies being either stolen or becoming road accident victims.


The cat-run can be as elaborate as you wish but an aviary butted up to a laundry or bathroom window works very well.


Our babies are immunized at 8 and 12 weeks and are also micro-chipped and de-sexed. I feel very strongly that de-sexing is my responsibility and then all you have to do is enjoy and then follow up with an immunization at 16 weeksYour baby will then be completely immunized for the following 12 months. 


Your babies have also been wormed but please discuss ongoing treatment with your vet.


If no-one is home for most of the day our policy is for two babies to go together, as they will fret, cry and be very distressed alone all day.


With a mate from either the same litter or as we usually have both Abys and Burmese babies at the same time you can choose.


We are both retired and spend far tooooo much time socializing with our kittens and you are welcome to visit and watch the babies grow up. 


A good tall preferably twine covered scratching post in very important.  A gorgeous bed is purely optional as yours is usually preferred.



Enjoy your new baby and please feel free to contact us any time by



Phone 8240 4447 or

Email: Charlbury Cats


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